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NCD’s Innovative Lecturer Development Programme

Make the move into teaching.

Are you new to teaching?

Designed to prepare you to join NCD and transition into a teaching role. The first programme provides training in teaching techniques and supported teaching hours.

You will benefit from:

  • Coaching

  • Shadowing

  • Guidance on planning

  • General induction

  • Session on systems and processes

  • Incrementally introduced teaching hours

  • Tailored programme to meet your experience and needs.

Are you new to NCD?

Designed for you if you have teaching experience but are a new teacher at NCD. The second programme offers the following:

  • A transitional period

  • Personal and professional development opportunities

  • Training on NCD’s systems and processes

  • Mentoring and coaching

  • Tailored programme to meet your experience and needs.

Embark on an exciting new career in teaching and make a difference to the lives of our students.

Are you ready to make a career change? Get in touch: